Speed up your Smartphone in minutes; follow these tips

Out of all attributes that make a phone smart, fast processing is probably the most important feature. So the more fast your phone processes, the smarter your device is.

But usage over an extended period of time and for various other reasons, a smartphone slows down making it quite inconvenient and irritating.  Thankfully, there are tricks through which, a smartphone can be made faster. Here are some of them….

Clear Cache data

Sometimes after usage over an extended period of time, you must have come across terms like ‘Delete Cache’. Yes, it is a small amount of faster, more expensive memory       where assessed data is stored temporarily for quick referral in case of any need. Too much of this memory can hurt the speed of your device especially if it is running low on storage.

Here’s how you can do it…

Go to Settings on your phone>Tap Storage >click on Cached Data>A pop up will seek your permission for clearing ‘Cached Data’>Select OK.

Remove unused/ disable apps

Be it per-installed ones or added to the smartphone over years of usage, unused apps still continue to take up your precious space of your phone. Here’s how you can free up some space in your device

Move to Settings >Tap on Apps >You will see the list of apps, the amount of storage it is using and freeing space > Select the necessary apps > click on uninstall > click on OK

Optimize chrome browser

Going into Data Saver mode in Chrome helps Google to compress the pages to around 30 percent and up to 50 percent for video and helps eradicates meaning less data usage and faster browsing.

Navigate to Chrome browser icon >Click on the vertically-oriented three dot structure (overflow menu) in the upper-right corner > Click on Settings > Tap on Data Saver > Toggle the switch in the upper right corner to “ON” mode

Clean the Home Screen

If you love keeping live wallpapers with widgets and other apps which are constantly updating, then you should release them immediately as they often result in lags.

Switch off auto-sync

Take a look at all the apps present through the Settings app in your phone and decide what should be automatically synced in the background. Only allow this option for programs that you feel is utmost necessary.

Keep Operating System up to date

Open your device’s Settings app > Tap Accounts or tap Users & accounts >If you have more than one account on your device, tap the one you want >Tap Account sync > Turn off the apps you don’t want to auto-sync.

Factory reset

Sometimes, even after using so many tricks to resolve speed issues, android devices go crazy making resetting Factory Settings as the last corrective measure. Keep a backup of all necessary data and information and then go for Factory reset.

There are several ways to do it and the process differs according to device and situation. While in some case it may need in-built algorithm to restore the default in the phone, in some others if you cannot even access your Settings menu, reset in Recovery mode is the best option.

  1. Reset from Settings menu…..

In the Settings menu, find Backup & reset >tap Factory data reset and Reset phone>You will be prompted to enter your pass code and then to Erase everything>Once that is done, select the option to reboot your phone>Then, you can restore your phone’s data.

  1. Resetting in recovery mode…..

Turn your phone off >Hold the Volume down button, and while doing so, also hold the Power button until the phone turns on>As soon as you see word Start, press Volume down until Recovery mode is highlighted >press the Power button to start recovery mode > press and hold the Power button and also press the Volume up button once, then let go of the Power button >Press Volume down until Wipe data/factory reset is highlighted, then press the Power button to select it >Once that’s done, press the Power button to select Reboot system now >Then, you can restore your phone’s data.