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Best Alternatives To Chinese Mobile Phones & Popular Apps

Using Chinese apps has always been a cause for worry due to security reasons. Similarly, with China dumping its low-quality goods in India and using the cash to strengthen its position both financially as well as at the borders, the ban on Chinese goods is the need of the hour. A few days ago, the Indian government took the first step by banning 59 Chinese apps some of which were hugely popular in India such as TikTok, ShareIt, and more.

Now it is time Indians start looking for an alternative to these popular Chinese apps. Not only that, but we must also choose non-Chinese Smartphones to ensure that the major chunk that our enemy-nation is earning through the sale of mobiles in India should be severely chopped down. So what are the best alternatives to Chinese Smartphones like Mi Redmi, Vivo, Lenovo-Motorola, Oppo, or OnePlus?

Best Alternatives To Chinese Mobile Phones

Undeniably Chinese Smartphones are currently ruling the Indian mobile phone market. But even then it is up to the Indians to ensure that now they are sidelined and non-Chinese mobiles are given first preference. Some of the most popular non-Chinese brands include Samsung, Apple, Nokia, Asus, and LG. Samsung is a South Korean company with a vast portfolio offering a wide range of Smartphones from Rs.2000 to Rs.1.5 lakhs.

Cash-conscious people needing an Android phone can select from the array of affordable and stylish Galaxy M-series of Samsung. Apple is a premium smartphone brand with a wide range but a bit costlier than the rest. The basic mobile phone from Apple starts from Rs.30,000 and if you are looking for the latest then be prepared to pay Rs.40,000 and above. The latest entries from Apple in the market are iPhone SE and iPhone 11 hovering around Rs.42, 500, and Rs.55, 000 respectively. Asus, Nokia, and LG are the other three companies that also offer Smartphones in a wide variety. Thus, Indians have a lot of options to choose from even if they decide to ditch the Chinese Smartphone brands.

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Desi Alternatives For Chinese Apps

TikTok, UC Browser, SHAREit are some of the most popular Chinese apps which millions of Indians have been using for the last couple of years now. Many have also made TikTok a source of their earning. But now that the Indian government has banned these and more such Chinese apps it is time to use their desi versions which have always been there.
ShareChat Is Best Alternative For TikTok

The ideal option for TikTok is ShareChat, a social video platform. Similar to the Chinese app, this Indian-based platform also allows coming up with videos that look professional and share them instantly. You can interact in 10 different languages on this platform and can take up challenges, lip-sync, and also create your music videos on ShareChat.

Alternative For UC Browser-JioBrowser or Epic Web Browser

Epic Web Browser and JioBrowser are the two alternatives for the UC Browser. Developed by a company Hidden Reflex from Bangalore Epic Web Browser has several features like in-built virus protection and more. JioBrowser is known for offering secure and fast surfing experience and provides entertainment and news content to the users.

ShareALL As Alternative For SHAREit

Similar to SHAREit, ShareALL also quickly transfers files of all the types without cables or internet access. It is free and performs high-speed sharing of files with ease.

Alternative For Zoom

Technically Zoom is located in California but most of its calls in the last few years are being routed through the Chinese server. As a good desi option for Zoom, you can opt for Say Namaste or Jio Meet from Reliance Jio. Other popular international options include Cisco Webex and Google Meet. But if you are looking for an exclusively Indian video conferencing app then Say Namaste should be preferred.

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