Thousands of dead fishes found floating in river in Paradip

Paradip: In a shocking incident thousands of dead fishes were found floating on Sahara Matsyadia river in Paradip today.  Though the exact reason behind the death of the fishes is yet to be ascertained, it is suspected that water pollution could be the cause.

Soon after the news was reported in media, members of the regional pollution control board reached the spot and collected water samples. The collected water samples have been sent to the laboratory for examination, informed sources.

“We have collected the water samples from the river and after examination the exact reason can be ascertained. There have been instances in the past when river pollution has led to fish deaths, said a pollution control board official, Mukesh.

Mukesh further said as industries are nearby the river, the water gets poisonous due to waste discharge which could be one of the reasons behind the mass death of the fishes. We could draw the final conclusion after receiving the analysis report, added Mukesh.

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Earlier, similar incidents were reported in other rivers of Paradip and resentment was observed among the locals following today’s incident.

“Today morning, I saw the dead fishes floating in the river emanating foul smell. For the last two months the water is not suitable for drinking as the industries are discharging chemicals into the river,” said a local resident, Mukesh Mahaling.