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Rashmi Ranjan

Berhampur: Balipadar police on Saturday detained a bus while it was carrying labourers from Polsara and Buguda block in Ganjam district. The bus was reportedly en-route to Surat.

The bus driver, helper and a middleman from Gujarat were detained by the Balipadar police while 'trafficking' as many as 26 labourers by promising them job.

However, on being asked, the labourers said that lack of work in Odisha forced them to move to other states.

"The government had promised to provide job, but failed... With no source of income here, we are struggling to make the ends meet and forced to move to other states in search of work,” said a migrant labour.

“The industrial operations and hotel services have begun in Gujarat. Our boss has made all necessary arrangements and will make payment to the labourers,” the detained bus driver said.

Police have reportedly started an investigation into the matter.

The story will be updated after receiving comments of the cops or the concerned district administration on the matter.

(Edited By Pradeep Singh)

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