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Dilip Kumar

Kalyansinghpur (Rayagada): The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. The famous motivational quote of Mahatma Gandhi seems to have turned a basic ‘mantra’ of life for Sheikh Md Kasim, fondly called Kasim Chacha in Kalyansinghpur of Rayagada.

Kasim Chaha, a poor Muslim man of Andhra Pradesh, who had migrated to Kalyansinghpur in 2019 in search of greener pasture has never become weary in doing good for others especially the downtrodden and his selfless service has reaped him global applause.

A small chicken vendor Kasim, had closely observed the tentacles of poverty like none and this is what drove him to serve the destitute by feeding them free of cost at least once a week.

His selfless service came to the limelight after his humanitarian act was aired first on OTV few days ago. The news piece was also posted on the social media platform of the leading news channel, which was visited by millions of viewers. The post was also shared largely on social media which reached some benevolent persons living in far-off places like the USA and other countries.

Overwhelmed by the self-sacrificing service of Kasism Chacha, a man from America has extended financial assistance to widen his space of service. And, now Kasim has started serving meals to the poor twice a week.

“One Sheikh Raja Hussain from America had called me and applauded for my service. He has also donated some money to expand my service. Some others also from abroad called me and appreciated my works,” said Kasim

Kasim’s son has, however, given all the credit to OTV. “My father has now become a well-known figure across the country only because of OTV. I would also work in his lines to take his service to a new height,” he said.

Kasim Chacha, who was once unable to arrange square meals for his family, has now become a household name only because of the millions of OTV viewers.

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