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Second Floating Boat Service About To Sink In Chilika

Balugaon: The ferryboat service in Chilika which resumed from Wednesday after staying out of order since the enforcement of lockdown in the wake of Covid pandemic has been dealt another blow as the second floating boat rolled out for people’s commute in the brackish lagoon just a month back is now about to sink.

The second floating boat, which was pressed into service by Chilika Development Authority on September 16, has developed severe break down due to poor state of maintenance.

The engine of the vessel has developed severe cracks and water is pouring into it. Most part of the vessel is now submerged into the water and it is about to sink.

However, according to sources, the administration is yet to take any measures for the repair work of the vessel.

The disruption of its service after just one month of operation has completely snapped communication leaving the residents of Janhikuda, Satapada and several other islands in despair.

The vessel was in service in addition to the one already running in Chilika. The service was started to help the people of Krushnaprasad block in commuting to Puri.

(Edited by Suryakant Jena)

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