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Pradeep Singh

Rourkela: GST frauds are going on unabated in Rourkela with instances of evasion of taxes to the tune of hundreds of crores being reported on a regular basis from the Steel City.

A day after a vegetable vendor of Koel Nagar area was served notice for over Rs 100 crore tax fraud, a person was arrested on Wednesday on the charges of GST fraud of Rs 300 crore.

The Good and service tax (GST) department recently served a notice to one Kartik Kamila, who happens to be a vegetable vendor, for Rs 100.09 crore tax fraud. However, the accused denied the charges.

It is alleged that some fraudsters are making massive transactions in the name of labourers, poor people and by opening fake firms.

Earlier this month, a journalist from the Koel Nagar was also charged with evading GST. In a notice, GST authorities had mentioned that the GST evasion was carried out in the name of M/S Nayak Enterprises. However, the accused feigned ignorance about the fraudulent transaction.

In November, a delivery agent working with a private company received a notice by the GST department for alleged tax fraud of Rs 10 lakh. However, the preliminary investigations had then revealed that a fake company was set up in the name of the delivery agent and fraudulent transactions of over Rs 70 lakh was carried out.

On October 23, allegations of fraudulent activities pertaining to evasion of taxes to the tune of Rs 42 crore was reported in bank accounts of as many as 18 people in the city.

However, most of the account holders alleged to be involved have misrepresented themselves to be daily wage labourers and people from financially backward sections.

In the same month, a driver residing in the Sector-20 area of Rourkela was also charged with gross tax liability for allegedly receiving taxable goods amounting to Rs 23.96 crore and further availing Rs 4.31 crore under CGST and SGST on the strength of fake invoice.

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