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Cuttack: “Anubhav is a professional drunkard. He was coming home late night and assaulting me using filthy language. He has also tried several times to throw me out of home,” alleged wife and Ollywood actress Barsha Priyadarshini.

In her eight-page petition, filed against the actor-turned-politician Anubhav Mohanty in the SDJM court in Cuttack, Barsha has raised many serious allegations against the BJD leader and Kendrapara MP.

Barsha alleged that Anubhav used to drink a lot, come late at night and behave with her in an unsocial manner. Though Barsha’s mother and her two sisters tried to convince Anubhav several times to quit alcohol, all in vain, the actress said.

She alleged 'Anubhav loses his consciousness whenever he drinks and uses filthy language and assaults' her with his hand and stick. She further said in the petition that Anubhav’s family members were also ill-treating her and deliberately trying to show Barsha and her family in very low esteem.

Reminiscing about their marriage days, Barsha has stated in the petition that Anubhav was desperate to marry her. He was committed to spending the rest of his life with her. Anubhav was so much eager about the marriage that he was allegedly threatening to kill himself and even hurting his hands with knife in desperation. Initially, Barsha’s family were not agreed to the proposal. However, after around six years, they succumbed to Anubhav’s desperation. But Anubhav’s attitude towards Barsha allegedly changed gradually.

Barsha also alleged that her husband has extramarital relationship with many girls and he is a heartless human being. She said that after marriage Anubhav and she acted in many films but Barsha was not given a single penny for her work, and the Parliamentarian allegedly started harassing her mentally.

The actress further said that things didn’t even change when Anubhav became Rajya Sabha member in 2014 or Lok Sabha MP in 2019.

Barsha has also mentioned in the petition that she was forced to give divorce on June 11 and warned of dire consequences if she didn’t admit it. However, when the torture became unbearable, Barsha moved the court seeking justice.

Barsha has sought compensation from Anubhav. She has demanded Rs 20,000 towards house rent, Rs 50,000 towards monthly maintenance, Rs 13 crore compensation towards loss of earning and Rs 2 crore for medical expenses.

On the other hand, Anubhav feigned ignorance about the incident. “I have not got any legal notice yet. I will let everyone know about it when I receive the notice. Let’s wait till then,” the actor-turned-politician said.

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