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Devotees Likely To Miss ‘Nagarjuna Besha’ of Lord Jagannath

Puri: After a gap of 26 years, Lord Jagannath will assume the Nagarjuna Besha (attire) this year in Puri. However, devotees are likely to miss the spectacle due to the restrictions in force at religious places on account of COVID-19.

“No decision has been taken as yet on allowing devotees to have darshan of the Lord during the Nagarjuna Besha. The Chhatisa Nijog and the Sri Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) will definitely take a decision in this regard taking into account the pandemic situation,” said SJTA member, Madhav Chandra Pujapanda.

As per rituals, Lord Jagannath along with his siblings Lord Balabhadra and Goddess Subhadra will appear in Nagarjuna Besha which is celebrated to commemorate the annihilation of Sahashrarjuna by Lord Parsuram.

As per astrologer of Samanta Chandrasekhar almanac, Baikunthanath Nayak, “The Nagarjuna Besha will fall on Kartik Dwadasa, November 27, 2020. This Besha is occasionally done in the month of Kartika when there are six days of Panchuka,” he said.

The Nagarjuna Besha was last held in 1994 and prior to that in 1993, 1983 and 1966.

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