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Bhubaneswar: As estimated, July is turning out to be most critical period for Odisha in the ongoing Covid19 pandemic especially following the return of over 5 lakh people from other states after relaxation of lockdown in May. After recording 29 deaths till July 3,  State's Covid toll has more than doubled to reach 61 in the next 8 days.

The State reported its first death from SARS-nCoV on April 6 and the toll remained in single-digit till the end of May. In the month of June, a total of 18 people succumbed to the disease taking the toll to 25. However, in the last 11 days, as many as 36 people have died in the State taking the total toll to 61. The worst-hit Ganjam district is leading the fatalities along with record spike in cases on a daily basis. Ganjam alone accounts for more than half of the deaths due to Covid19 in the State.

After reporting its first death on May 13, Ganjam saw a total of 3 Coronavirus deaths in the same month. The toll surged to 14 by the end of June. But shockingly, in the first 11 days of July, the district has reported a whopping 22 deaths with its toll rising to 36.

The trend of fatalities shows that even though most deaths have occurred in cases of patients with co-morbidities like hypertension and diabetes, experts have warned that even healthy people without any history of past illnesses are equally vulnerable to the virus.

Meanwhile, 'other than Covid deaths' reported by the State Health department are also on an upward trend since the past few days. So far, as many as 18 people suffering from serious diseases like cancer and renal issues have succumbed due to low immunity and other complications even after recovering from Covid19.

(Edited By Bikram Keshari Jena)

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