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Pradeep Singh

Berhampur: Distancing among humans is the shield against the Coronavirus, but distancing ourselves from humanity will be our undoing; and it is arguably a disconcerting realisation that some are choosing this path oblivious of its pitfalls.

Instances of bodies being carried on trolleys or ambulance denying service in Odisha underscores the importance of awareness in the stressful times of a pandemic.

According to reports, nine persons have died in Buguda of Ganjam district in the last seven days. However, three bodies were carried on a trolley to the nearby crematorium as no one turned up to help family members in arranging a dignified funeral, fearful of contracting COVID19 infection.

The fear attached to COVID-19 is such that people are wary of extending even a helping hand to those in need. "In the last seven days, nine persons have succumbed due to fever in Buguda. As no one came forward to help in cremation of three bodies, the mortal remains were carried on a trolley to the crematorium," alleged a local, Krushna Chandra Patro.

He further said that a youth businessman of the area named Sanyasi Patro also died a couple of days ago and his body was also taken to the crematorium on a trolley.

Earlier, a man of Sri Ram Nagar area in Berhampur allegedly squirmed in pain for around 20 hours and finally died as no one came forward for rescue. Though an ambulance came, its staff denied him service suspecting it to be a case of COVID-19, informed sources.

Similarly, a youth who was lodged at a quarantine centre in Jalada Nodal School under Khaira Police limits of Balasore district died due to delay in treatment after an ambulance allegedly refused to take him to the hospital.

(Edited By Bikram Keshari Jena)

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