Pradeep Singh

Bhubaneswar: Amid the spread of the novel Coronavirus, strict warning has been issued by the Odisha government that those found involved in hoarding and black marketing of protective masks and hand sanitizers will face stern action.

The Directorate of Drug Control, Odisha today directed drugs inspectors across the State to be vigilant and conduct raids on medical stores to check hoarding of masks and sanitizers.

The direction came after a few reports surfaced about people facing problems in getting masks and sanitizers from the market.

While some store owners said that they are finding it difficult to meet the sudden increase in demand, consumers alleged that the products have been hoarded by big wholesalers to scoop out higher profits.

Meanwhile, safety guidelines were issued inside the Odisha Assembly today to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. The legislators and the staff of the Assembly have been advised to wash their hands frequently. To maintain cleanliness and hygiene in the Assembly, furniture and equipment including tables, chairs, computers, phones and other assets will be cleaned six times a day with disinfectants and sanitizers, informed sources.

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Restrictions have also been imposed on the use of fingerprint-based biometric attendance inside the House and it will be replaced by a manual register.

"All the staff/legislators are advised to clean their hands frequently with handwash /soaps. Handwash/soaps will also be kept in the washrooms and toilets on the premises. The legislators are advised to use tissue papers in order to sneeze or cough, the advisory read. Besides, those suffering from, cold, cough and fever should seek the help of the doctors present at the Assembly dispensary, it added.

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