Pradeep Singh

Cuttack: After Varsha Priyadarshini filed a fresh complaint with the Purighat Police Station here on Saturday alleging that attempts are being made to defame her by making some videos viral, the Ollywood actress' husband and MP Anubhav Mohanty has written to Odisha DGP Abhay over a viral audio clip and urged for an investigation while seeking police protection.

The BJD MP said that the audio clip, which went viral last month, seems to be a telephonic conversation amongst him, his wife and Varsha's two sisters was extremely abusive and hateful.

"What's worrying is that the audio clip sounds as if a very deadly and criminal conspiracy is being planned against me & my family by Varsha Priyadarshini & her family. The same telephonic conversation also gives a hint that Bananee Sahu (Varsha's eldest sister) alias Dalai is torturing, abusing & threatening to her in-laws in the same way or may be more. I somehow assume that her in-laws must be suffering a lot & mustn't be safe because of her," the MP urged the DGP in a letter.

He further said, "I sincerely request you to investigate whether the audio clip's voices are orginally the voices of Varsha Priyadarshini and her family or not. If it's fake then stringent actions must be taken against them those who have mislead crores of my and my wife's fans and scared our families."

If the voices in the viral audio clip are found to be authentic and true, he and his family members should be given police protection, the BJD MP added.

In her complaint at Purighat Police Station on Friday, Varsha has reportedly stated that the video has been intentionally made viral to defame her and portray her image in a negative manner.

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