Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

‘Nagin’ tune is one of the most popular ones played on all occasions calling for some fun, frolic & dance. Since the creation of the tune, till date, it has undergone several changes. However, the craze and authenticity of the tune lies in the ‘been’ or 'pungi', which a simple folk instrument, traditionally used by snake charmers to ‘hypnotise’ snakes, especially a cobra.

But, have you ever heard of any human getting hypnotised after hearing the tune of ‘been’?

Here we bring a video that shows a youth turning into a ‘Nagin’ after hearing the ‘been’ tunes. This didn’t end here! The youth also chased the snake charmer on the streets.

As seen in the video, a snake charmer is blowing the 'been' outside a shop. Suddenly, the door of the shop opens and a youth steps out of the shop with his hands on his head creating a hood like a cobra. The youth dances to the tunes of the ‘been’ and steps forward on the street.

Suddenly, he turns towards the snake charmer and starts chasing him on the street. Well, surprised over this, the snake charmer also runs away from the youth. 

After chasing for a distance, the youth stops and turns back laughing hilariously. 

Well, the actions of the youth were quite hilarious and it has triggered hilarious comments. 

The video is shared on Instagram by butterfly__mahi. 

One user commented, “Wow Nagin serial ka sabse bada fan,” another said, “Wah beta mauj kar de tune uske pichwade me das de.” 

Another user wrote, “सपेरे की सिटी बिट्टी गुल हो गई ये तो सच मे इच्छाधारी नाग निकल आया (Snake charmer lost his mind after the shape-shifting cobra stepped out).