Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Several people across the globe defy their age and live on their own terms. These people clearly define ‘age is just a number’ and not an excuse if you want to live as per your expectations. 

Here we bring a video in which a group of elderly people is seen grooving to the popular beats of Naagin and it is the best thing on the internet you can find.

Naagin track is one of the most popular dance beats played on almost every such occasion. Be it a 'barat' or any other function, the Naagin track is a must to fill amusement. Moreover, this track is popular across all age bars and is trendy for decades.

Unavoidably, a group of elderly persons grooved to the Naagin track, and the video has gone viral on social media. 

While one elderly person in the group is imitating a snake charmer, several others are dancing like snakes making a hood using their hands. Meanwhile, some others are seen enjoying the moment to the fullest and applauding the performance of their mates. 

Certainly, ‘age is just a number’ and it may not be an excuse to live life on your own terms and restrict yourself from enjoying the moments. 

Apart from garnering considerable views, the video has been retweeted massively. Moreover, netizens lauded the spirit of elderly persons. 

Here is another video that also proves that age can’t restrict a person to enjoy the moments in life.