Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

The most important element of any relationship is trust . Without trust, the quality of every relationship will deteriorate. Undeniably, trust is the most essential thing required to build and maintain a healthy married life.

How will a person react when he/she learns that his/her partner broke the trust? Here we bring a video that shows a young lady reacting violently after learning about her husband’s extramarital affair .

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 As seen in the video, the young woman is holding a man by his shirt and yelling at him furiously.

While yelling at him, she explains her struggles after marrying him. Then she starts slapping his face. She goes on to say, “Dusri Shaadi karega, Dusri Shaadi karega tu?”

She keeps dragging him to and fro on the street by his shirt. 

The video shared on Twitter by Arhant Shelby has been viewed over 64K times and has gone viral on the social media platform with massive retweets. While the incident received mixed reactions, many went on to appreciate the woman for fighting back for her rights.