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Mothers' love for their offspring is second to none. They don't even hesitate to sacrifice their lives to ensure the safety of their offspring. This enduring commitment is seen across different cultures and species, underscoring the universality and timelessness of maternal love. While nature is filled with surprises, only the lucky ones get to witness those.

Recently, a video took the internet by storm that shows how a water buffalo sacrificed its life to save its newborn calf. Though all its efforts went in vain at the end, the buffalo's daring and effort to save its calf from a pride of lions has won the hearts of netizens. 

In the video, a wild water buffalo gets ambushed by a pride of lions soon after delivering a young calf. The big cats target the newborn calf while the mother buffalo runs around attacking the lions. Though the amniotic sac (water bag) hangs from the vulva, the mother buffalo doesn't bother about it and continues to save its offspring. Even the lions seem to be in no mood to leave their easy prey.

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However, the mother stands strong all alone and attacks the predators. But, after fighting back for a long time, the buffalo gets drained out as the attack was launched suddenly after the delivery.

After defending for a long time, the buffalo gets weak and the pride of lions corner it from all sides. One after the other, lions attack the buffalo and bring it down to the ground. However, before falling to the ground, the buffalo tries its best to reach its calf. In her attempt to save the newborn calf, the mother sacrificed its life. Though it couldn't save its calf, the incident proves the immense power of maternal love.

While the original source of the video couldn't be verified, it has gone viral on X (formerly Twitter). The clip shared by Sadia Saeed has amassed over 11K views. Moreover, netizens have expressed their sentiments in the comments box.

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