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Mothers' love for their offspring is unconditional. Generally, mothers can go to any extent to save their offspring from any danger. A mother's love manifests through countless acts of care and sacrifice. Even they don't step back from risking their lives to ensure the safety of their offspring, be it a human or any animal. This love is often characterised by selflessness, protection, and nurturing. 

Mothers often prioritise their children's well-being over their own, making countless sacrifices. Here we bring a video that shows how a selfless mother protected her offspring from a wild predator while risking its life.

The video shows a leopard attacking a deer fawn. However, the big cat leaves the fawn after seeing the mother deer and chases it. Meanwhile, the alert deer sprints away. As the big cat sees the big prey running away, it turns back to the fawn. Surprisingly, the mother deer returns to its fawn and chases the big cat fiercely. It is more surprising to see the leopard running to save its life from the deer. Once the leopard gets chased away, the mother returns to its fawn and pampers it. The fawn seems to be a newborn.

The video shared on X (formerly Twitter) by Nature is Amazing has a caption reading: Mothers are the best (sic)

By now, the video has amassed over 9.5 million views and 58K likes. Even netizens flooded the comments section with emotional notes expressing their love for mothers. Apart from the comments, several other users shared various pictures and videos showing mothers' love.

Reacting to the video, one user wrote, "A mother is always the best protector of her child." (sic)

Another user commented, "There is nothing more beautiful than a mother in this world." (sic)

"She ran but when she realized that her baby was going to be killed she came back stronger," wrote a third user. (sic)

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