A groom had to return home without his bride when the latter realised that he belonged to Rajasthan, and not Prayagraj, as claimed earlier.

The newly-wed bride refused to go that 'far' to live with her in-laws and called up the police.

According to the woman's family, the man had claimed to be from Prayagraj.

Chakeri ACP Amarnath Yadav said that the woman had approached policemen deployed at a Police Response Vehicle (PRV) Dial -112 on the Varanasi-Kanpur highway, seeking their help to go back to her parents' house.

"I have been travelling for the last seven hours from Varanasi, and yet have not reached my in-laws' place. I am feeling completely exhausted and now I do not want to go to Rajasthan. I will not go that far," she told the ACP when he visited the spot.

The girl's marriage had been fixed with the man, a resident of Bikaner, Rajasthan.

The baraat reached Varanasi where the wedding was solemnised.

After the wedding, the newly-wed couple and the 'baraat' were returning home in a bus.

When the bus stopped at a highway petrol pump in Kanpur, the bride started crying, saying that her in-laws' house could not be reached even after seven hours of journey.

She called up the police and narrated her problem after which the ACP told the sub-inspector on duty to interrogate the groom.

The groom Ravi told the police that the girl's family members were aware of everything.

On the other hand, when the police contacted the bride's mother, she, too, denied any knowledge that the groom belonged to Rajasthan.

Subsequently, her mother asked the police to send the bride back to Varanasi.

The police sent the bride to Varanasi and the groom returned to Bikaner without her.