Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Science defines twins as two offspring produced by same pregnancy and categorises them under two types, identical or monozygotic and non-identical or dizygotic. Though it’s rare to find identical twins in real life, there are ample examples available on the internet. Though there are several movies that feature twins, they are rarely real. 

Be it Aaron and Shawn Ashmore or Camilla and Rebecca Rosso from Hollywood or Chinki and Minki, the popular comedian twin sisters from India - all these are identical siblings. However, there are several more identical twins across the globe but are lesser known. What would be your reaction when you confront any twin brothers/sisters and they play a prank on you without your knowledge?

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Here we bring a video of twin sisters who played a mirror prank on several people at a shopping mall. Unaware of the prank, people freaked out following the prank of the sisters. 

As seen in the video, a girl is seen in a green skirt and a white crop top. As it seems from the video, she is trying on a denim jacket in front of a mirror. 

Later, a dwarf man comes near her and checks the fitting of his new T-shirt in front of a mirror just beside the girl. 

Suddenly, the ‘reflection’ of the girl from the mirror bends frontwards and touches the dwarf man while the girl is standing still. 
After realising this, the man freaks out and falls behind. 

The twin sisters again try to prank another man who approached near the mirror. This time, the duo starts dancing. While dancing, the girl from the ‘mirror’ walks out towards the man surprising the hell out of him. Standing opposite to each other, just like in front of a mirror, the twin sisters played a freaky prank on many.

The video was originally shared on TikTok by @funnytray955 and has gone viral on social media. The Figen re-shared the video on Twitter and by now it has garnered over 2 million views. Netizens are quite amazed by the hilarious yet freaky prank of the twin sisters. 

One user wrote, “Haha good prank. It would scare me for sure,” while another wrote, “Looks tremendous fun.”

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