Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Cooking is considered a form of edible art and chefs are undeniably artists. The reason behind this is that cooking involves a lot of subjectivity. Anyone randomly can’t just pick the ingredients and prepare a mouth-watering dish by just following an award-winning recipe. Even if one follows the recipe instructions precisely and uses the ingredients as suggested, the dish may fail to satisfy the taste buds.

One may develop an interest in cooking at any age. While there are several cooking shows aired on different television channels worldwide, those show the enthusiasm and creativity of the participants. However, have you ever seen any kid, who cooks with extreme precision?

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Here we bring you a video that shows a kid cooking different dishes. Considering the skills and precision of the kid while cooking, it can be said, if he gets the stage and opportunity, he may give older chefs a run for their money.

As seen in the video, a 5/6-year-old kid is seen with a small cooking set. Several ingredients are kept on the table in different bowls. The kid starts cooking very precisely by adding the ingredients one by one. 

While being focused on cooking, the kid seems to be enjoying it. At last, the kid completes cooking and serves three dishes on different plates. His expression after serving the cooked food on the table is heart-winning. 

The video shared on Twitter by @Jazzie654 has by now been viewed over 121K times and it has gone viral on social media with netizens sharing it massively. Netizens also have showered praises on the little chef and wished him a great future ahead.

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