Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event and, of course, quite special for everyone. As bride and groom wish to capture every moment on their special occasion, photography has become an integral part of the marriage ceremonies. While the approach of photography and videography has improved a lot over the year, the demands for photoshoots for weddings as well as pre and post-events remain high. 

In this social media era, couples love sharing photographs and happiness on the internet. Undeniably, photographers make high efforts with creativity to click the perfect frame on their camera lenses. On the other hand, both bride and groom also try their best to pose with perfection.

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Here we bring a video that shows a groom struggling on the wedding mandap for the perfect pose with his wife. 

In the video, the groom is seen holding a flower bouquet and going down on his knees while the bride remains standing. However, the photographer didn’t find the pose apt and asked him to pose once again. Next, he bends a bit while stretching out the bouquet to the bride but the pose seems to be more uncomfortable.

While the bride stands still, the groom struggles to bring the perfect pose. 

Later, another youth steps in between and shows the ‘perfect pose’ as desired by the photographer. The groom once again preps up for the pose with a smile on his face.

Well, as the groom fails even after multiple retakes, it triggered a laugh riot on social media. 

The video shared on Instagram by a_k_fouji10 has gone viral and netizens went on to share their personal experiences during their photoshoot while few others appreciated the groom for being naive and simple.

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