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Orangutans are remarkable primates known for their high intelligence and complex behaviours. These great apes, native to the rainforests of Borneo and Sumatra, exhibit a range of cognitive abilities that highlight their sophisticated minds. Along with tool use and problem-solving skills, social learning and communication, Orangutans also exhibit a range of emotions, including joy, frustration, and empathy.

Wildlife explorers or lovers must have witnessed many such instances that prove the Orangutans' memory and planning skills along with their self-awareness prowess and emotional complexity. Recently, an old video has reemerged on social media that shows an Orangutan exhibiting his joy. The primate's priceless reaction is winning the hearts of netizens.

In the video, a man can be seen busy with the orangutan in captivity. The man shows a 'magic trick' to the primate in which he puts an object inside a cup and covers it. The orangutan observes it closely with high attention. Next, he starts shaking the cup and suddenly he lowers his hand and throws the object. He opens the lid of the cup in front of the primate. Finding the cup empty, the orangutan suddenly starts expressing its joy and rolls on the floor laughing.

While the origin of the video couldn't be obtained, it is shared on X (formerly Twitter) by Time_Jacker and reshared by many. The video reshared by Massimo has amassed over 8.5 million views and 83K likes. The priceless reaction of the orangutan is winning the hearts of netizens as is evident from the flooding comments.

One user commented, "That's an amazing reaction! It's fascinating how orangutans can display such genuine surprise and wonder, just like humans do." (sic)

A second user wrote, "My brain has just been reset for the day. Thank you." (sic)

"Really warms up the soul," wrote a third user. (sic)

Orangutans are not only fascinating for their physical prowess and adaptability but also for their intellectual and emotional capacities making them one of the most intelligent and intriguing species in the animal kingdom. And this viral video proves it.

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