Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Mother's love is a unique and profound force, characterised by its unwavering support, unconditional care, and boundless sacrifice. It is a love that nurtures and protects, providing a safe haven in the storms of life. Undeniably, mothers will fight back against any threat and risk their lives to save their offspring. Be it a human or an animal, all mothers are the same.

Recently, an old video resurfaced on social media that shows a dog risking its life to save its offspring. The mother dog leapt into the floodwater without a second thought to save the puppy.

In the video, several people can be seen crowded on the road while a small dog makes its way to the floodwater. Though a man tries to stop the dog, the canine jumps into the swelling water without hesitation. It swims to the opposite side, to a particular spot. Though it is not clearly visible, the dog holds something in its mouth and struggles to swim back to safety. It gets swept away in the current constantly while making its way back to the safety. However, it didn't lose hope and kept on swimming. After a while, as it gets closer to the bank, two men in uniform jump down to rescue the dog. Certain other persons also walk in to help the canine. Finally, the dog was brought to safety. The doggo runs away while holding its puppy in its jaws.

While the origin of the video couldn't be verified, it is shared on X by Yoda 4 Ever and reshared by Nature is Amazing. By now the video has been viewed over one million times and garnered over 13K likes. The comments section is also flooded with love and appreciation from users.

One user wrote, "The most heartwarming & greatest rescue mission I have ever seen." (sic)

Another wrote, "How wonderful it is to see these men helping her back on dry land after her puppy rescue." (sic)

"A mother will always protect her young. No matter what!" wrote a third user. (sic)

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