Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Superstitious people often associate crows with dark and death. Such people shoo the crows when they see the social creatures flocking on their rooftops while others might not see it as trouble. 

However, how will you react when you see thousands of crows flocking the streets and buildings in your society?

Doesn’t this sound weird? Recently, a video surfaced on social media that shows the mass murder of crows covering the streets and buildings. Even crows are seen perching on the roofs of parked cars in the locality. 

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Such visuals will certainly give you goosebumps and fill chill in the spines of even non-superstitious persons. 

Crows, crows everywhere! Any person would get terrified at the first glance of this unnatural event.

The video shared on Twitter by The Figen seems to be old but has surfaced again. The video has been viewed over 828K times. As claimed, this surprising visual was captured in Kyoto, Japan. 

While such visuals (graphics) have been shown in some movies, this video has triggered varied comments from netizens. 

While some have stated it to be a bad omen, others went on to state it as a signal before a natural calamity.

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