Poonam Singh

If you thought that the Delhi Metro girl’s dressing style in public transportation was bizarre, you must see this video from New York City subway train which will prove the latter’s is not at all bizarre.

The viral clip shows a man taking a bath inside a New York City subway compartment. The clip shows a man removing his slippers, pants and shirt to get into a trolley bag. Then he opens his bag and pours water into a small bucket. He then gets inside the bucket, cleans his leg first, and splashes some water on his body. He then takes out the shower gel and starts pouring it all over his body.

While some passengers are seen laughing at the man's act, others seem bewildered by his act and got up to move away from him. Then he cleans himself with a towel, wears back his clothes, takes his suitcase in hand and leaves the metro.

The video was posted on Reddit about five months ago, but it was recently shared by Princezee on Facebook with the caption, "Taking a shower in NYC train."

The video has attracted 15 million views, 55K likes, and 12K comments. Many social media users praised the man's confidence but some were completely stunned and reprimanded the man for his act.

"Some people will do anything for Likes and Views," user wrote. Another commented, “He was very considerate and careful not to wet the bus or anyone else."  

A third user wrote, “I love his personality, crazy man but he seems so confident and I’m sure this video just for laughs.”