Mrunal Manmay Dash

A video of an argument between a passenger and one of the crew members of IndiGo airline has gone viral on social media.

As the video shows an air hostess yelling at a passenger, the passenger too can be heard throwing abuses like shut up and servant at the crew member.

The video starts with the air hostess telling the passenger that he can’t point finger at the crew and yell at them, and because of him one of the flight crews is crying. Then the passenger yells at her asking why are you yelling and the air hostess replies, “Because you are yelling at me. I am sorry sir, but you cannot behave like that to the cabin crew.”

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“I am peacefully listening to you with all the respect, but you have to respect the crew as well,” the air hostess says.

Then suddenly the passenger throws an angry ‘shut up’ at her, after which the air hostess replied, “You shut up.” “I am an employee here and not your servant. If you do not want to be yelled at then please do not yell at me either,” she said.

The video went viral like a wild fire on the internet splitting the Twitterati asking who is at the real fault here- whether it is the passenger or the crew member.



A user wrote, "There has to be etiquette. And to expect this from IndiGo is incorrect. Our only hope is Air India revival. Even if the flights are late, will plan and travel only by Air India."

Similarly, another user, Ajay Rawat wrote, “Some people behave in a way as if by purchasing a ticket they have purchased the whole airline....irrespective of the mistake of the one is authorised to behave that way.”

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One Harshal Shetty wrote, “I don't know what's happening in that video. But I should say being an air hostess is not so easy if it is a journey of short duration and the way they treat us and make us comfortable is something we should appreciate. U should be respectful towards them.”