Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Indian weddings seem to be colourless without dance, music, fun and drama. While guests and relatives get involved in the celebrations and reap the fun, grooms and brides mostly miss out on the real fun. However, things seem to be changing these days. The videos storming the social media platforms are the proof.

Nowadays, brides and grooms also are getting deeply involved in the fun and sharing their part to amplify the excitement and enthusiasm among all.

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Recently, a video has surfaced on social media that shows a groom and bride on the wedding stage after tying the knot. Several other girls, reportedly the groom’s ‘salis’ (sisters-in-law), are also standing near the couple. 

The girl capturing the video asks the groom to repeat something and the groom starts, “Paan mein katha, kathe mein chuna, 21 mein viha, 22 mein munna,” which means -“Marriage in 21, baby in 22.”

After hearing this, everyone near the couple bursts out into laughter, including the bride. Apart from laughing, the bride also blushes and bows her head for a moment. 

When she raises her head, her sisters start teasing her. Well, everyone at the wedding must have enjoyed the funny moment and the humour of the groom. Apart from them, the netizens have also enjoyed the moment. The video has triggered hilarious comments from them. 

While one user said, “Lekin fir km se km 3 saal k liye no other munna,” another said, “Ye bhut achi baat kahi apne.” A third user said, “Kitni jaldi he is bhai ko.”

The video is shared on Instagram by theshakitwedding has received impressive likes.

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