Poonam Singh

“A friend can tell you things you don’t want to tell yourself,” this quote fits this Kerala groom the best as his friends made his bride sign a contract to allow him to spend time with them till 9 pm every day without any disturbance.

As we all know, after marriage, our lives change as we have to accept and accommodate our partner's preference. Our priorities change and we tend to spend more time with our spouses than our friends. However, to solve this problem, a groom’s friend at his wedding made his bride sign a contract on Rs 50 stamp paper, which has gone viral on social media.

According to media reports, the viral 'wedding contract' belongs to a couple from Kerala. The bride Archana S and the groom Raghu S KDR married on 5th November in Kanjikode, Palakkad.

Reportedly, Raghu’s friend surprised the couple with a unique gift by asking Archana to sign the contract so that the friends can spend quality time without being disturbed by her during that time.

"Even after marriage, my husband Raghu S KDR would be permitted to spend time with his friends till 9 pm and I hereby promise that I would not disturb him on phone during that time," read the contract in Malayalam which Archana signed.

According to Asianet News, the groom is a part of a WhatsApp group comprising 17 badminton players. Giving surprises to friends on their wedding day has been a practice of close-knit friends and the agreement letter was one among them.

Reportedly, Raghu works in a private firm in Kanjikode and Archana is preparing for bank exams.

Earlier this year, another such wedding contract had gone viral on social media where a bride made the groom sign a contract that had both their wishes.

According to the contract, the bride "must and should wear saree everyday” and late-night parties are only permitted with the spouse. ‘Having only one pizza a month, going to gym everyday, shopping after every 15 days, always saying yes to home-cooked meals’ were some of the other conditions.