Poonam Singh

The shocking incident of a bride eloping on her wedding day and the groom waiting for her to get married ended on a happy note when the bride returned to her home after 13 days and married her groom.

According to a LiveHindustan report, the bride returned after 13 long days following which her marriage was solemnised with the groom who hadn’t returned to his home and was waiting for her in her village.

The incident took place in Bali in the Pali district of Rajasthan.

Reportedly, the wedding of the groom, a resident of Manadar village near Kailash Nagar in Sirohi district, was fixed with a girl of Saina village of Pali district on May 3 (Wednesday).

However, on the wedding day, the bride eloped with a distant relative. Following this, her family filed a missing complaint.

The bride's family also apologised to the groom and his family but they remained adamant and refused to go home without the bride. They said they can’t return to their village without the bride as it would hamper their image and continued to stay at the bride’s house.

As per reports, the groom stayed for 13 days at the bride’s house along with some of his family members.

Acting on the missing complaint, the police held the minor with whom the bride had eloped and handed over the bride to her family.

After returning, the bride’s family solemnised the wedding and the groom finally returned to his village.