Poonam Singh

Indian weddings are full of drama. And, there are plenty of videos available on the internet that showcases drama that can easily beat Bollywood movies. Just like the below clip from a wedding, where the guests got into a major fight during the wedding.

The video was shared by an Instagram user called Rk Raj and it has over 1 million views on the internet.

In the video clip, bride and groom can be seen standing on an elevated platform for their ‘Varmala’ ritual. The bride is seen doing the aarti of the groom before the varmala when a fight breaks out near the stage. 

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The camera person, who was capturing the beautiful moment of the bride and groom, zoomed in on the guest fighting. He then captured the entire fighting in which guests can be physically pushing and pulling each other. Some of the guests can also be seen trying to bring the fight to an end, but in vain.

The groom, standing on the stage, seems in shock to see the pandemonium below; he tries to calm down all, however, some female relatives prevent him from going down. He then ends up seeing the fight. The bride is also surprised to see the fight and with the aarti thal in her hand, she can be seen waiting for the groom to return to complete the rituals.

Posted on November 24, the post has received a number of comments. One user said, "Tum Saadi kro ye sb to chalta rhega."

Another user commented, "Kya ittefak he......dono taraf aarti ho rahi he." The third user wrote, "Who are these people and where do they come from."

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