Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Marriage is a lifetime event and everyone dreams to celebrate it in a grand way. But, before marriage, there are several rituals and events carried out by the family. The ring ceremony is one such event in which the future bride and groom exchange rings, which is a formality to mark the new beginning. 

Everyone makes the arrangements as per the budget they can afford. While some exchange the rings in presence of their family members, some opt to invite some guests and celebrate it in a low-key affair.

However, recently, a video has gone viral on social media that shows a grand entry of the rings amid a huge gathering of guests.

As seen in the video, a huge ring-shaped object is rotating on its axis and is moving forward on a small cart. While several guests are sitting on the floor on both sides, the ring-shaped object makes a grand entry from the centre. 

As soon as the ring-shaped object approaches the stage, the future bride and groom walk towards it. The future groom unlocks the object and fetches the ring from the oval-shaped box, mounted atop the ring-shaped object. The future bride also collects the ring from the box. 

Though, the video ends here, both of them might have exchanged the rings after collecting those from the box. 

However, such a show-off during the ring ceremony has fumed many. Netizens have lashed out at the couple. Several went on to say that instead of spending on showing off during the ring ceremony, it would have been better to make proper sitting arrangements for the guests who were seen sitting on the ground.

“Itna sbkuch kiya tha to acche s sbko baithate bhi bechare jaise bhandara khane aye h,” one user wrote. Another wrote, “Sara kharcha is show off m kr diya logo k sitting arrangement k liye paise hi nhi bache.” “Itna over krne ki jarurat kya h mehmano ko niche bithaya h jo ki mehman bhagwan hote h,” wrote a third user.