• Monday, September 25, 2023
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Goat cries like child during sale in market, video goes viral #watch

In the video, the goat is seen crying like a small baby.

Poonam Singh
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Goat cryingPhotoPhoto:

Goat cries like human during sale in market, video goes viral #watch

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Animals and humans share a special connection, scientifically it has also been proven that the animal-human bond has many benefits. Despite not being able to speak, animals are insatiably kind and loyal to their master who raised them. They are very sensitive and can easily sense any danger or changes in their surroundings. 

Recently, a video of a goat crying while being sold by its owner has gone viral on social media. In the video, the goat is seen crying like a small baby. The goat put its head on the owner’s shoulder and is seen shedding tears, leaving his owner and others present around them also emotional.

Though there is no confirmation as to where and when the video was shot, it's being said that it was shot during Bakrid 2022. The owner of the goat had brought it to sell in the market. However, as soon as he made a deal, the goat seemed to have sensed the danger and the fact that it would have to leave his master made the pet cry like a small kid.

Watch the Viral Video:

However, the harsh reality is that even though the owner had raised the goat and was emotional while leaving it, he had to sell his pet for a living.

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