Somatirtha Purohit

A giant 16-feet fish was recently caught by a group of fishermen in Chile. Though a good catch is always cherished, this time, the case was different. 

The sighting of the fish rather caused panic among fishermen at a port in Chile as it is believed to be associated with a ‘bad sign’ sent by the sea god. 

According to the Japanese folklore, these long and serpent like silver fish are signs of major earthquake or Tsunami. The Japanese also consider the person who found this monster fish as cursed. 

The marine species, identified as oarfish, is a 'rare deep-water fish and it has become a folk legend for their supposed future-telling powers, especially after 2011 when dozens of the creatures were spotted in Japan before the deadly Fukushima earthquake', reported Daily Star.

A score of people reportedly gathered at the port to see the monster fish, and soon the video of the species went viral on several social media platforms.

Though it is claimed that deep-sea seismic activities causes the oarfish to flee, there is no scientific proof to back the claim. 
Oarfish were first described in the year 1772. 

Watch the video below: