Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Dogs are well-socialized animals and are quite comfortable around people and other animals they live with. The canines adapt to various situations and develop social skills from a very young age. Pet dogs are much more interactive and reactive to the environment. 

In this social media age, internet users must have come across different amusing videos of smart doggies. However, have you ever seen a dog crowing like a rooster?

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Here we bring a video of a dog that will tickle your funny bones.

In the video, a rooster is seen along with a few hens. A dog is also seen close to the rooster. 

The rooster starts crowing loud which is their tendency. However, as soon as the rooster stops, the dog imitates it and starts ‘crowing.’ Though it couldn’t match the rooster, the canine gave its best effort to crow like a rooster. 

The video shared on Twitter by The Best has gone viral on social media while amusing netizens. By now, the video has garnered over 1 million views and the comment box is flooded with laughing emoticons. Several users also went on to share their thoughts over the video.

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Reacting to the video, one user wrote, “And I know that rooster is confused” (sic)

Another user wrote, “Communication between different species. Lol” (sic)

“I wonder who’s going out to the other?” wrote a third user. (sic)