Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Witnessing different stunts is certainly thrilling. At the same time, the daring actions of the performer while stepping into the arena of death are utterly shocking and may raise anyone’s heartbeats. However, there are some crazy stuntmen who perform some jaw-dropping stunts that will leave you horrified and choked.

Here we bring a stunt video of a crazy youth that is shocking, horrifying as well as deadly. 

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As seen in the video, the youth is seen standing atop a towering building. He is seen holding a skateboard. The next visuals show the youth lying down on the skateboard and he starts rolling atop the boundary wall on the terrace. He uses his hands to roll on the skateboard. He stops rolling on the edge of the boundary.

Next, he stands on the skateboard while 20% of the roller skate rests on the wall. The height of the building is enough to spin anyone’s head. But, the youth stands in a cool way without any safety gear.

As a part of his next stunt, the youth does a backflip on the narrow surface of the terrace boundary. Next, he does some more aerobatics at the same place. Later, he walks on a narrow iron bar and also hangs down on it using his hands.

All these stunts are certainly terrifying as any wrong step of the youth could have led to a painful mishap. 

The video shared on Twitter by People Are Awesome has now been viewed over 61K views with netizens sharing it massively. Moreover, users have expressed their shock and horror over the deadly stunts.

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“Just looking at it makes me feel nauseous from the stress of fear. How is this possible? too strong-hearted But if by any chance you fall, you could get someone down below you, so it's a nuisance,” wrote one user. (sic)

A second user wrote, “Bro just pissed me off honestly.” (sic)

“Terrifying...I will have nitemares of this,” wrote a third user. (sic)