Anirbaan Hritiq

Cute video of cat playing door hockey with its owner goes viral, netizens shower love

Cats are quite intuitive by nature and easily captivated by interesting things. These furry creatures share the second spot just behind dogs on the internet for being the most searched animal.

They are undoubtedly the first choice by cartoonists as well for this popularity. From Tom and Jerry to Oggy and the cockroaches cats are always adored by humans for their funny nature and resemblance to humans in terms of behaviour.

It is always pleasant to start your day by watching something interesting, especially on the weekends. A Siberian forest cat named ‘Luna’ has suddenly emerged as an internet sensation after its video of playing “door hockey” went viral garnering more than 4.7 million views and 5,24,469 likes on the popular social media platform Instagram.

The video was Instagrammed by asiberiankitty on December 03, the official Instagram handle of the cat operated by its owner who rescued it in 2020. The account has more than 51.4k followers and nearly 480 posts.

The comment section of the viral video is showered with adorable reactions, one of the users named 

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Pennie Wylie wrote, “This cat is very smart: he has you trained to play floor hockey, in the bathroom!”

Meanwhile, another user wrote, “Omg this is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen!!”