Anirbaan Hritiq

Cats are born to rule, isn’t it? These cute little furry animals from the tigers’ family are known for their strong personality. They are extraordinarily fearless and dominant by the nature and can face any opponents larger than their size.

Despite all catastrophic character traits resembling their larger counterparts, cats are also widely preferred companions of humans. Just like dogs, cats are domesticated by humans for ages and are highly adored by enthusiasts.

In fact, there is a huge fan following of cats, and anything interesting related to them can make people go wow!

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A recent video, which features a black furry cat trying to mess with the reindeer, has left the netizens stunned. The video has garnered nearly 29,532 likes, and more than 550k views have emerged as a new sensation amongst the audience.

The cat featured in the viral video is trying to attack the reindeer from behind out of curiosity, in response to which the deer also attempts to softly kick back but misses. Followed by which both animals are seen, having a brief playful confrontation after which the cat runs away!

Mesmerized by the unique confrontation video, one user wrote in the Instagram comment section, “So beautiful" dude that thing literally could have killed the cat without even trying”