Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Police play a vital role in the protection of law and order. Being a public servant, it is their duty to enforce the law impartially, without fear, vindictiveness, or malice. However, due to some corrupt officials, the image of cops often gets maligned.

Mostly, people get cautious and alert when they see a cop. Cops are generally thought to be brutal, and ill-behaved, and instead of helping the public, many suggest that they escalate trouble. However, not all cops are brutal or ill-behaved, or irresponsible. Some cops are true to their duty and serve the public by going out of their way.

Here we bring a video that recently surfaced on social media. The cop in the video has won the hearts of netizens with his selfless actions.

In the video, a traffic cop is seen pushing a red car on the road. Another person is also lending a helping hand to the cop. As it seems, the vehicle broke down in the middle of the busy road which triggered traffic congestion. To ensure the smooth movement of other vehicles, the cop stepped ahead and decided to help the vehicle owner/driver and pushed the vehicle to clear the road.

Later, the person capturing the visuals offered the cop a mango drink for refreshment after he sweated out to help the vehicle owner. The reaction of the cop after receiving the gift will certainly win anyone’s heart.

The video shared on Instagram by afraz_zyd has been liked around 4lakh times and the comment box is flooded with notes of appreciation.