Poonam Singh

Indian weddings are full of drama, colours and surprises with all the rituals, customs and traditions. However, during this once-in-a-lifetime experience, some crazy incidents happen. And these incidents are nowadays getting viral on social media.

From bride asking groom to sign a contract, to groom touching bride’s feet, to bride forgetting her wedding attire, 2022 has been a year of hilarious wedding videos.

Below we have listed some of the wedding videos which have gone viral in 2022 and have been loved by netizens:

Wedding Contract

An Assam-based couple grabbed everyone’s attention on social media for their uniquely-tailored wedding contract which included promises to exercise regularly and restrict pizza intake.

In the viral video, the bride and groom can be seen signing the contract while their friends and family surround them.

Groom touching bride's feet

Yes, you read it right. While in Indian customs, bride touching grooms feet is a part of wedding rituals. The bride touches her husband’s feet as a sign of respect after marriage; however, this groom turned the rituals and touched the bride’s feet to mark his respect and equality in their marriage. But the groom’s gesture towards his bride left everyone surprised, including the bride.

Bride denying marriage on mandap

A video of the groom fainting after his bride called off the wedding at mandap went viral on social media platforms. The incident took place in Odisha's Balasore district.  

In the viral video, the bride was seen removing her bangles all of sudden to everyone’s surprise when marriage rituals were in progress. She went on to say, ‘I am already married. I cannot get married again.’

Bride and groom 'falling' in love

A viral video shows how during a wedding photoshoot on the walkway of a floating mandap, a bride tries to push the groom into the swimming pool but she did not see this coming. The groom, at the last moment, grabbed her and both fell into the swimming pool. That is what falling in love looks like, literally.

Bride asking her groom to ‘not come’ after he delays baraat

It might be shocking, but a bride asked her groom not to come to the wedding after he delays his wedding process. 

In the viral video, the bride beautifully dressed in a pink lengha can be seen pissed off with her groom as the baarat was not on time. She seems anxious and stressed, and even though the to-be couple's conversation is not audible, it seems his response made the bride angry and she could be heard saying, "Will you not get traffic...No need to come, please don't come now." However, a moment later, the bride can be heard again saying, “Jaldi Niklo Yaar, please, Bye.” 

Bride & groom break into intense fight 

In the viral video, a bride and a groom are seen sitting at the mandap in their traditional wedding attire. Moments later, as the couple began the ritual of feeding one another; they ended up physically pushing and pulling each other. The groom is later seen smiling as the wife forceful tries to feed him first. People around them are also seen trying to stop the couple from getting into a full-blown fight. 

Angry bride cancels wedding due to cheap lehenga

A bride reportedly cancelled her wedding after the groom's family sent her a 'cheap' wedding lehenga. The girl from Uttarakhand's Haldwani was engaged in June and was to get married in November. But, when she found out that the groom's family had bought her bridal lehenga that only cost Rs 10,000, she called off the marriage.

Bride and groom set wedding stage fire with their dance

A viral video which touched millions of hearts where a bride and groom danced to the tunes of Govinda and Karishma Kapoor’s hit song ‘Tumsa Koi Pyara’ from Khuddar. The newly married couple can be seen dancing, matching steps to the popular 90s song, completely in sync leaving netizens in awe.

Bride forgets her wedding dress

A bride had the worst nightmare on her wedding day, when she forgot to pack her wedding dress. The bride shared a video clip capturing her reaction after finding out she had left her wedding dress’s blouse which went viral. 

In the viral clip, the bride can be seen sitting on the bed and can be seen upset as she says that she has forgotten to bring her wedding dress blouse. However, without panicking the bride decides to customize her cocktail blouse and turn it into her bridal attire.

Bride’s dancing entry on ‘Sajna tere liye sajna’

In the viral video, a bride can be seen entering her wedding venue with swag while dancing to rapper Badshah’s ‘Sajna tere liye sajna.’ The bride can be seen gracefully grooving to the songs 'Sajna' and, later, to 'Makhna wearing a heavy stone embellished pink lehenga with matching diamond jewelleries. Her performance left the groom stunned, and his reaction and smile on the face after watching her dance is all love.