Cassian Baliarsingh

The craze for James Cameron’s latest movie Avatar: The Way Water is at its peak. The film seems to be unstoppable and has been ringing the cash registers. In India, the movie is witnessing record-breaking collections and inching closer to the Rs 200-crore club now after crossing the 100-crore club in just three days.

Fans are going crazy over the spectacular visuals in the James Cameron-directorial.

Amidst the craze for the movie, a video of a man climbing onto a whale shark and riding on it has left the internet in awe. It seems like the man is inspired by the lead characters in Avatar who ride whales and Toruk (a dragon-like creature).

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Going by the video, the men are Arabs and are in a yacht in the middle of the sea. A group of friends record the video while one of them climbs up on the whale shark and takes a ride into the deep sea.

The video has been shared by popular meme Instagram handle ‘laughtercolours.’ Taking to its Instagram handle, laughtercolours shared the video and wrote, “Me after watching Avatar 2”.

Hilariously, the thumbnail of the video says, ‘This is the reason why men will soon become extinct from this planet.”

After being shared on Instagram, the video has garnered over 55.3L likes and millions of views. Instagram users also flooded the video with hilarious comments.

A user wrote, “Avatar: age of water getting true,” while another user wrote, “Another reason, why women live longer than men!!!”

A third user wrote, “Tulkuns are back,” while another wrote, “Habibi- the return of Avatar.”

Many even pointed out that the shark would eat him up but others mentioned that it was a whale shark and does not feed on humans.

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A user wrote, “It’s a whale shark. It won’t or simply can’t eat a human being. The only thing it feeds on is krill and planktons even if it is the largest species of shark known alive. It doesn’t have big enough teeth to cut that person into pieces like the great white, hammerhead or the bull shark.”

Similarly, another user wrote, “This is whale shark that doesn’t have apetite for men. He and his friends are safe, don’t worry.”