Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

The popularity of ride-hailing services has increased across India. People are embracing alternative mobility options including two-wheelers and three-wheelers. Undeniably, passengers face inconveniences during the ride. Sometimes it is about charging more than the generated bill, other times it is about the behaviour of the drivers. However, recently, an auto ride has turned into a nightmare for a man in Noida after he was charged Rs 7.6 crore.

Though sounds surprising, the Noida man, identified as Deepak Tenguriya, booked an auto through Uber India, in the early hours of Friday. His expected fare was just Rs 62. However, when Deepak reached his destination, he received a bill worth Rs 7.66 crore.

This left Deepak stunned. 

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After the unexpected incident, Deepak's friend Ashish Mishra shared a video on X (formerly Twitter) in which the two can be heard talking about the whopping bill for a seemingly routine auto ride.

In the video, Ashish asks, "How much is your bill worth, show." To this Deepak replied, "7,66,83,762."

Further, Deepak flashes his mobile screen on the camera. As per the bill, Deepak was charged Rs 1,67,74,647 as “Trip fare", while Rs 5,99,09189, was the waiting time cost. Rs 75 was deducted as a promotion cost.

The video spread like wildfire on the internet after which the official X page of Uber India Customer Support issued an apology and claimed that they were looking into the matter.

The apology post read, "Hey, sorry to hear about the trouble. Please allow us some time while we are looking into this issue for you. We will get back to you with an update."

Well, several other users also raised the same issue. 

A user, Rajit Loomba claimed that he was charged Rs 2.28 crore while his actual fare was Rs 66.

Meanwhile, another user, Vineet Jain, said that Uber India charged him Rs 36,244,991 as the fare for his auto ride.

Uber ride turns nightmare: Noida man charged Rs 5.99 crore as waiting charge for auto ride!Screengrab of posts on X

Several other users also vented out their anger and mentioned that such unexpected incidents have become quite common.

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