Cassian Baliarsingh

Bengaluru, the Silicon Valley of India is known for its startup vibe and the crazy traffic. However, unique problems call for unique solutions and when it comes to ‘jugaad’, nobody can pull it off better than an Indian.

Indians and jugaad go hand-in-hand. A similar thing happened when a boss and his subordinate got stuck in traffic in Bengaluru. Instead of cribbing about the traffic, the two started to discuss their projects and brainstormed their new on-boarding flow. The Bengaluru traffic turned out to be the ‘perfect meeting spot’ for the two with new startup idea.

Ankit Parasher, the co-founder of Salt and Lets Transport, shared his story on X and said it is the perfect Peak Bengaluru moment. Parasher was heading to his office when he got stuck in the heavy Bengaluru traffic. Coincidentally, he bumped into his employee, who also happens to be his neighbour.

Since the wait at the traffic was longer than expected, the two decided to brainstorm a new onboarding flow. Sharing his story on X, Parasher wrote, “Before moving to Bengaluru, I heard about the startup vibe and the crazy traffic. Today, they merged!  Stuck at a red light, @_shivamsr and I brainstormed our new onboarding flow. We were late to the office, but it was a productive detour! 🚦👨💻.”

He also shared a picture of their unique meeting where he can be seen sitting inside his car while his employee is on his bike. As expected, the post on X garnered mixed reviews from other Bengalureans who took to the comment section and shared their piece of advice.

“It hurts to see that huge suvs, muv and big cars all stuck in traffic with just a single occupant, absolutely one, full AC blowing, engine raving in standstill traffic. Why can't carpooling be a thing? Just ask, will find many colleague neighbours heading same direction,” commented a user.

Another user wrote, “Thoda life ko Ji loge to kuch ho nahi jayga... Kaam le alava bhi zindgi hai. I hope crazy hona kisi bhi cheez ke liye sahi nahi hai yeh baat sabko pta ho.”

“If you guys are neighbours as some articles have shown me why don't you just carpool.... That might reduce traffic too and u can be brainstorming in the car😀😜,” commented a third user.