Poonam Singh

Snakes are considered to be one of the most dangerous species. Humans usually fear the sight of any snake, be it venomous or not, especially when they are in the wilderness.

However, snakes are not easy to spot because these solitary reptiles are masters at camouflage.

Parveen Kaswan, an Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer, on Thursday shared a photograph of a snake that was perfectly hidden amongst leaves of trees.

Sharing the picture, he challenged his followers and netizens to spot the snake, "Now, who is sitting on the throne. Do you see anything!!"

See the post here:

After being shared, the IFS officer revealed that a snake was sitting on the tree. He also shared a close-up shots and revealed the snake sitting on the branch of the tree. The snake seems to be looking directly into the camera.

He also asked his followers to identify the snake species if it was Indian Rock Python or Burmese Python.

Since being shared, it has been liked 1700 times and has several comments.

A Twitterati wrote, "Wow. How do you spot these things?” A second person said, "This is one of the reasons I fear entering into forests what if a snake this humongous falls on me."  

On a lighter note, one of the users wrote" Sir i hate to say this but it's one of my friends who left me in difficult times. Nice to see him here."