Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Goods and Services Tax (GST) is an essential tax system that replaced many indirect taxes in India. To make GST filing simple and convenient, the government has launched an online portal.

It is necessary to register your business first before you can access this service on the official GST website (

Any business that generates more than Rs 40 million in revenue requires GST registration. The threshold is Rs 10,000 in certain areas of the North-east, however. Fill up the online registration form to begin the registration process. 

What is an ARN Number?

Acquirer Reference Numbers (ARNs) are unique numbers assigned to debit and credit cards used to make online purchases. In the event of a refund issue, banks can use this information to help trace your refund. When a payment gateway receives a transaction, an ARN is generated.

Here you can follow step by step guide to check the status:

Step 1: Go to ‘’.
Step 2: Click on the Services tab.
Step 3: Then, select the Registration option from the menu available.
Step 4: Now, hover over the Registration tab and click on the Track Application Status option.
Step 5: Enter your ARN number and the captcha code.
Step 6: Next, click on the Search button. On the website, you can find out whether you are registered for GST.

You will be able to see your GSTIN details if your application has been approved, and its status will be 'Active'. In the case of an application that is still pending, the status will indicate 'Pending'.