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Seven useful gadgets under Rs 5000 that help ease kitchen work

Check out these useful gadgets to ease daily work in the kitchen. These gadgets will not only make your life easier when it comes to working in the kitchen but also ensure that you do not feel the pinch when it comes to purchasing them straight off the shelves without mulling about the added expense.

Credit: UnsplashThese 7 kitchen gadgets under Rs 5000 will ease your work and save your time in cooking.

We always desire useful gadgets that can make our work easier and faster in the kitchen. These gadgets are game-changers in our busy daily routines but the prohibitive costs prevent us from buying them as soon as a need arises. Now rest easy. There are gadgets which cost under a reasonable INR 5000 now. Anything from a vegetable spiralizer to an oil spray bottle, an egg cooker to a bamboo steamer - these mechanical and electrical wonders are super helpful when turning complicated cooking into a fun-filled, relaxing exercise and do not burn a hole in the pocket either.

Instant Pot 

This amazing product will hasten your cooking by 70 percent compared to traditional cooking methods. It can be used as a rice cooker, yogurt maker, steamer, food warmer or electric cooker with which you can cook your favorite dishes easily. This product is very useful for amateur chefs and a proven hand in the kitchen. This will cost Rs 4000-8000.

Atta and Bread Maker 

Kneading the dough and preparing the atta is still a tough task for many starters in the kitchen. This Atta and bread maker will not only prepare your dough but will also make fresh bread for your breakfast and snack. With the pre-programmed automated functions, the Atta and Bread maker comes with detachable components and a one-touch operation for kneading and making bread. You can also make personalized and customized bread with varied ingredients with this product. The range of atta and bread maker starts from Rs 4800.

Instant Egg Boiler
This product can be your best breakfast friend and help you boil eggs in an instant. You can add water with the measuring cup and can boil up to six eggs at a time with soft, medium and hard boiling options.

Bamboo Steamer 
Opting for a healthy way of cooking is vital for healthy and nutritious food. Bamboo steaming is a gentle and durable method of steaming that locks the nutrients and keeps the flavor of fish and veggies intact. You can buy this under Rs 1000 from amazon.

Air Fryer 
More consumption of oil and deep-fried food affects the cholesterol and health of the heart. Using an Air Fryer allows you to toast, fry, bake and roast with minimal oil usage. This product is not only effective in quicker but also healthier cooking. The varied types of Air Fryers available online cost around Rs 4500

Milk Frother 
If you are a coffee lover, then this is a must-purchase gadget for you. With this milk frother, you can make your elegant and cafe-style coffee at home in no time. Apart from milk, you can also make smoothies and beat eggs in seconds with this battery-operated frother.

Oil Sprayer 
The oil spray mister enables greasing the baking sheets, pans, and pots with any preferred cooking oil. You can also use this to spray the oil in your salads and avoid it settling down at the bottom of the dish.

Try these amazing and useful gadgets that will surely ease your work in the kitchen and allow you to turn hard work into smart work. For more information and price you can check and buy these products on Amazon.