Rashmi Ranjan

With the changing trends and revolution in technologies, people are now shifting from traditional LCDs, Plasma, LED television sets to Smart TVs for a better experience. But many of us get confused in choosing the perfect screen size while buying a television set.

Most of us often eventually end up with buying a large screen only to later realise that bigger is not better always. So, we are bringing you a guide to choose perfect TV size for your home and hopefully it will help you to find a perfect one.

First measure the room size where you want to install the TV set and then find the distance between the couch and the place where you plan to fix your TV. Always keep in mind, the greater the distance the larger the screen size.

Use this formula: Viewing distance (in inches)/2 = recommended TV size

If your room is a small one and the distance between TV unit and the couch is around 1.5 to 1.8 meter then go for up to a 40 inch screen size and when it is more than 1.8 meter and less than 2.2 meter you can opt a screen size up to 48 inches.

Similarly, if the distance is more than 2.2 meter and less than 2.6 meter you can go up to a 50 inch screen size. If the distance between the TV unit and sofa goes up to 3 meter then you can buy a TV of up to 65 inch size. 

You can go for a bigger screen up to 85 inches if the distance is around 4 meters and above.