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Vikash Sharma

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  • The Malware reads into messages, including OTPs, on user’s phone to authenticate payments

A year after Google removed several infected apps from Play Store, the dangerous Joker virus is back with a bang. The development is certainly a warning sign for thousands of Android Smartphone users.

The Jagatsinghpur Police has recently issued an advisory regarding the Joker malware which steals through Ad trickery.

Jagatsighpur police through its official social media handle has shared several dos and don’ts to keep your phone and wallet safe and several other tips to stay protected from the Joker virus.

What is Joker?

The Trojan malware that steals money from users by getting them paid subscriptions without their consent.

It operates via two steps: -It stimulates interaction with Ads without a user’s knowledge (the user doesn’t even get to know that he/she has been signed up for a paid subscription)

. -It reads into messages, including OTPs, on user’s phone to authenticate payments

. As per reports, eight such apps were recently spotted laced with Joker Trojan virus and should be removed from any Android device: Auxiliary Message, Fast Magic SMS, Free CamScanner, Super Message, Element Scanner, Go Messages, Travel Wallpapers, Super SMS.

Effects of Joker Malware:

By the time a user gets a message from his/her bank about some credit or debit card deductions, it is already too late.

What we must do:

-Uninstall suspicious Apps and protect your Android device using reliable anti-virus software.

-Always check an App’s ratings and read its reviews before downloading it.

-Revoke permissions to any Apps that may have SMS access.

-Unsubscribe from any service or platform you don’t recognise.

-Don’t store passwords, netbanking information on your device.

-Check credit card bills for unauthorised purchase.



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