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Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Former flamboyant Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh took up a challenge with the wild as he was recently seen having fun with many beasts at Dubai’s Fame Park.

In a video shared on Instagram, Yuvi (as Yuvraj is fondly called) and his friends were found taking on a Liger (The hybrid offspring of a lion and a tiger) in a ‘Tug of War’ game. The Liger was seen pulling one end of the rope while Yuvi and team were stretching it from the other end.

After sweating it out for a few minutes, Yuvi and his team finally gave ip, accepting defeat to the huge beast. Even though they tried their best, it was the wild cat who finally walked away as the winner.

The former all-rounder was also seen wrapping a huge snake around his neck. The stylish left-hander also fed a bear, giraffe, monkey and other wild animals.

The aggressive cricketer captioned his post as ‘Tiger vs liger and of course we know the end result’.

The video showing the adventurous side of the former cricketer has gone viral.

Let’s watch the full video for more.

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