Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Argentina captain Lionel Messi received a death threat after two gunmen opened fire on a supermarket owned by his in-laws in Rosario on Thursday.

One of the two gunmen on bike was caught on camera walking towards the supermarket premises. They were seen opening fire on the metal shutters on the windows and front door and left a chilling message for the PSG star that read, “Messi, we’re waiting for you. Javkin is a narco, he won’t take care of you.” 

As per reports, nobody was injured in the early morning attack. It is unclear why assailants would target Messi or the Unico supermarket in the country’s third-largest city of Rosario. Unico supermarket is managed by Messi’s wife Antonela Roccuzzo’s family and one of her cousins. 

As per local media, the attackers were also seeking extortion money from the recently-crowned World Cup winner. It was also reported that around 14 shots were fired at the supermarket.

Messi has not given any comment on the development so far. He is considered by many fans across the globe to be among the greatest soccer players of all time. The superstar is revered in Argentina, especially since he led the national team to the country’s first World Cup victory in 36 years in Qatar in December.

Messi currently plays for Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and spends much of his time overseas. Following the death threat, Messi’s fans took to twitter in support of the great footballer.

“Messi receiving death threats in Argentina??? Lmfao could you imagine Drew Brees getting death threats in New Orleans back in March 2010? What’s wrong with the Argentinians?” a fan tweeted.

“Wizkid is getting death threat messi is getting death threat. What they tryna do to my Goats???” wrote another fan.

Responding to the development, a third user commented, “Messi is worshipped like a god in Argentina, imagine putting death threats on him, you’re public enemy 1 if anyone finds out.”